What We Offer

Virox Software House Sdn Bhd offers a breadth of functionality that help companies in a wide spectrum of business needs :-

Sales Management

Sales Management Module is designed to automate the sales process starts from user enquiries to user payment. It helps user improves the sales efficiency, to increase customer services, to evaluate sales performance and to produce comprehensive sales reports.

Purchase Management

Purchase Management Module is referring to automate manual processes, from sourcing and contract management to day to day purchasing and supplier connectivity. Procurement Management provides reliable way to manage and control requisition, approval, ordering processes credit limit and payment term management.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management Module is facilitating processes of maintaining the appropriate level of stock and provides effective inventory management by identifying  inventory requirements, comprehensive stock control, setting targets, providing replenishment techniques, reconciling the inventory balance and reporting inventory status.

ML Accounting

Viroxs Accounting V1.2 was certified by Royal Malaysian Customs Department on Malaysia Goods and Services Tax (GST).

Material Requirement Planning (MRP)

Integration between Bill of Material Module (BOM) and Inventory Module to determine total quantity of raw materials are required, machine line speed analysis requirement to produce finished goods.

Master Production Schedule (MPS)

MPS is used to balance the demand with limited resources (raw material, machine, employee and equipment) by moving production achieving optimal plans and improve the reliability of your lead times, inventory levels and customer satisfaction.

Bill of Material (BOM)

Documents a list of raw material quantity and parts needed to produce a product. The list contains raw materials, components and assemblies together the quantities of each required to build or produce a finished good. Viroxs Bill of Material optimizing engineering, planning and purchasing efforts by providing centralized and up-to-update content to produce finished good. With such, optimizing inventory level and reduce manufacturing costs will be delivered.

Work Order (WO)

A work order is used to authorize suppliers to manufacture subassemblies and finished products and details how subassemblies and products are manufactured. Work Order brings together material plans defined using the Bill of Materials with the manufacturing plans defined in routing maintenance to create a complete plan for manufacturing the product.

Quality Control (QC)

To measure how consistently a product is manufactured according to its clients specification or requirements. Product inspection is one of the controls that put in place in manufacturing area where each of the product been inspect and examine to ensure it comply with the defined control criteria and defects product to be filter out and reported to management who make further decision to release, redo or rejected those defected products.

Payroll Management

Allows processing payroll in-house, printing payroll cheque, online banking, running instant payroll reports, calculating employee earning and various deductions. Potongan Cukai Bulanan (PCB) endorsed by Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri (LHDM), EPF compliance to Seksyen 43 and 44A and SOCSO compliance to Socso Contribution Table. Reference Number = LHDNM. 01/45/ 1/274/9(2010-77).

Time Attendance

Compatible with all sorts of attendance device includes card reader and fingerprint reader. Time Attendance module automates the entire process flow of duty roster planning and the calculation of OT hour, OT claim, lateness, early out, public holiday, unpaid leave, absent and various remunerations. Time Attendance synchronizes with Payroll Module without having HR Admin entering the record manually.

Leave Management

Handling all type of leaves by empowers your employee and department managers manage leaves by themselves anytime and anywhere. It simplifies the process flows of applying and approving leave via mobile tablet platform and pc desktop platform. Leave entitlement calculates by system per employees year of experience automatically without having adding burden to HR Admin workload.

Appraisal Management

Provides comprehensive employee performance review includes 360 degree feedbacks, employee competencies evaluation and project performance evaluation, to ensure employee performance translates into organizational performance.  Easily identify employee skill and competency gaps against the current job or a potential position. Provide your employees with recommended learning and development activities to improve performance for achieving individual and organization goal.

Loan Management

To enable employee applies loan via online system. Edits repayment period, rate of interest, repayment schedule and interest calculation method. Integrate with Payroll Module for salary deduction on monthly loan payback.

Employee Repository

Enables the creation of comprehensive employee records, with an unlimited variety of user definable information fields.


To enable top management gains high visibility on corporate performance include financial and non financial platform.